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For more than three decades, our team has created memorable dental experiences for every patient. We combine expertise, compassion, and technology to ensure that our patients achieve and maintain beautiful, healthy smiles.

Experience Modern Dental Care
  • Relieve your anxiety with our sedation options
  • Relax with amenities like pillows, blankets, and music
  • Receive precise results using advanced technology
Get a $149 New Patient Exam

Patients without insurance pay only $149 for their initial dental exam and X-rays. For an additional $100, you will also receive a thorough dental cleaning.

Nurture Your Smile With Compassionate Treatment
Welcome to Lopez Dental Associates

Nurture Your Smile With Compassionate Treatment

Our dental practice focuses on you, the individual. You are unique and have a specific set of dental needs that no one else does. Our dentists and team members will listen closely, so we can uncover those needs and understand your concerns. We’ll then make treatment recommendations that will put you on the road to your oral health goals. No matter what shape your smile is in, we can help you achieve and maintain the smile of your dreams.

You can always count on comfortable and efficient treatment from our team. We offer two sedation options – inhaled sedation with laughing gas and oral sedation in pill form – so you can relax during your visit. You can also take advantage of pillows, blankets, music, dim lighting, and private patient care rooms to help ease your dental anxiety.

Call your new dentists in Lawton today at 580-246-4488 to schedule an appointment for yourself or a family member. You can also make appointments online.

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Common Questions About Our Services
Do you accept patients without insurance?

Don’t let the lack of insurance prevent you from getting the dental care you need! We know that not everyone has access to insurance, so we have solutions to make dental care accessible for everyone. Our flexible payment plans through CareCredit can be adjusted to suit your budget. They enable you to get the necessary treatment without causing financial strain. Whether you have insurance or not, we’re committed to assisting you on your oral health path!

What are some signs I should see a dentist right away?

If you have a toothache, sudden sensitivity to hot or cold, swollen or bleeding gums, loose teeth, long-lasting bad breath, mouth sores, or trouble chewing, it’s important to visit a dentist as soon as possible. Whether it’s a cavity, gum issues, a dental injury, or any other problem in your mouth, getting quick dental care can ease your pain and stop the problem from getting worse. Don’t wait – we’re here to support you!

Are you accepting new patients?

Absolutely! We happily accept patients of every age at our dental office. Whether you’re a child, teen, adult, or senior, we’re ready to give you top-notch dental care that fits your needs. Our team is here to help with regular check-ups, cleanings, and any other treatments you might need. Just reach out to book an appointment for yourself or your family. We’re excited to meet you and assist in making your smile healthy and bright!