Let Us Help You Love Your Smile

Another Valentine’s Day is in the books! We hope you spent it with some loved ones – and that includes yourself. Being good to yourself is important. Take time for some self-care. We’re happy to help if it includes improving your appearance. We want you to love your smile, and we’ve got lots of treatments that can make you feel better about how it looks.

To see what’s possible, call us today at 580-246-4488 to schedule a consultation. In the meantime, check out some of our smile improvement services. You can:

  • Replace Missing Teeth – If you’ve got gaps in your smile from missing teeth, you are probably self-conscious about them. You may even cover your smile with your hand. Bring your smile back into the spotlight by replacing teeth. You have lots of options. We recommend dental implants for a feel and function most like natural teeth. Implants can replace any number of teeth. You’ll even find an option for replacing a full arch of teeth in a single appointment. If you don’t want implants, you can choose a conventional bridge or dentures instead. 
  • Get a Straight Smile – If you’re an adult, you may have decided that living with crooked teeth is better than having a mouth full of metal brackets and wires. The good news is, you can straighten your smile without all that hardware. Clear aligners blend easily into your smile, so most people won’t even see them. Since you can remove them for meals and oral hygiene, you don’t have to change your life too much during treatment. And they typically work in less time than braces too. 
  • Hide Smile Flaws – You don’t have to live with imperfections like chips, cracks, or gaps either. You’ll find several options for concealing them. Your dentist can apply tooth-colored composite during a bonding treatment. You can use custom-made veneers to change the color, size, and shape of your teeth. Or you can get a Snap-On Smile temporary prosthetic to get your smile looking great for a special event. Unlike veneers, a Snap-On Smile can even hide a gap left by missing teeth. 
  • Adjust Your Gumline – If your gums overshadow your teeth, your dentist can use a laser to quickly and easily remove a bit of gum tissue. The laser can also be used to adjust an uneven gumline. 
  • Brighten a Dull Smile – Get a brighter smile with teeth whitening. You can choose an office treatment for the fastest results or convenient home whitening. You can also combine the two types of treatment for the longest-lasting brightness  

Let us help you love your smile! Call Lopez Dental Associates today at 580-246-4488 for an appointment in Lawton, OK. You can also make an appointment online.